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2013 Military Service Employment Journal
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Potential employers examine social networking sites to evaluate new hires so ensure what is public should not be private. Your profile photos, postings, and skills listed are just some of the items taken into account. With the Internet, the sky is the limit in reaching employers, but that also opens you up to everyone seeing everything. Set your profile picture to one you would be proud to see in an Internet search engine.

Professionalism is not only reserved for phone calls or in-person interviews. Recruiters will judge you by how you appear online.

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Your Online Appearance

By Bianca Strzalkowsi, MSCCN Public Relations Coordinator

Bianca Strzalkowski is the Public Relations Coordinator at CASY-MSCCN.  Proud Marine Corps wife of 12 years, she was named the 2011 Military Spouse of the Year by Military Spouse magazine. As a mother of three, Bianca has spent her time volunteering with various organizations, such as the U.S. Veteran Corps, National Military Family Association and the Marine Corps’ Family Readiness program. Because of her volunteerism, the Commandant of the Marine Corps, General James Amos, awarded her with a Certificate of Commendation.

Social media offers an invaluable opportunity for military spouses; it allows us to be connected, without geographic boundaries, to every industry, profession, and employer. It is no secret that sometimes the military stations us in locations that are employment-challenged, so whether you are in Fort Hood, Camp Lejeune or Washington D.C., social media helps job seekers to get on equal footing with the pool of applicants. But, there is etiquette; ways to utilize it as a tool to market yourself. However, social media can also create obstacles if it is not used correctly. Employers research job applicants through a variety of mediums outside of the resume so it is imperative that you keep a professional appearance on the World Wide Web.

How to Use Social Media to Get Hired